The Web edition

The Web edition.

Paul, you mentioned when we were talking on the phone that you thought you had asked me to do the Internet edition. I think I headed your request off at the pass, but only because I think it will turn out to be more complex and more possibly expensive than you suppose. Hereís why.

If the thing is done properly, it will be good enough eventually to make a profit. This profit will come from selling advertising, since the CT would be the one stop shop for episcopalian priest wanted jobs anywhere in the world. To do this, it needs to be attractive and slick enough to attract casual readers as well.

This involves design, editing, and programming to transform the paper copy into a new medium.

I reckon that once the system is running properly, it would take one person one day a week to produce the web edition: laying it all out; adding the hyperlinks; possibly running an extended letter section. Iím not sure that you want to pay my day rate for stuff like that.

The preceding work, programming and design, would take a week, assuming competence all round. That is a very rough estimate, because I donít know anything about the technical side of the present production system. I donít know where your web space is, nor what you are allowed to do with it.

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