For those of us who are prone to all sorts of embarrassments in meatspace, computers offer the chance of a better world. It's not so much tha I wish t conceal the fac tha I am a dog, innumerably stupid things one does like forgetting keys, letters, dates, names, and so forth. None of that happens on a well-regulated computer. I will never find myself gazing with mournful stupefaction at the door of a new flat, shut, and with the only keys behind it. Or so I thought until I tried PGP.

Phil Zimerman, who wrote it, is the only programmer ever to have been arrested for his work. It'g generally agreed that the FBI shouldn't have done it, even by those of us who feel that not nearly enough programmers are breaking rocks. Hispurported crime was to release the program so that anyone with suffficient energy ad application could use it to make their computer files completely and utterly This is one of the few programs whose inventors have been arrested for writing it.


ncryption is one of those subjects which is very important