Consciousness bibliography

Consciousness bibliography.

David Chalmers’ bibliography of the mind lists over 3,000 books on the subject. The six listed below will introduce you to all the major controversies in the field. The most accessible magazines are the British JCS, and the Internet discussion group Psyche. This is moderated, or edited by Patrick Wilken, to keep the idiots off and offers a glimpse of these arguments in the raw.

The Mystery of Consciousness

John Searle


Consciousness Explained

Daniel C Dennett

Penguin £7.99

The Conscious Mind

David Chalmers

OUP £20.00

The Human Brain

Susan Greenfield

Weidenfeld (Science Masters) £11.99

The Origin of Consciousness in the breakdown of the Bicameral Mind

Julian Jaynes

Penguin £12.99

Bright Air, Brilliant Fire

Gerald Edelman

Allen Lane / Penguin £20.00

The Journal of Consciousness Studies

Editor Keith Sutherland

Imprint Press

Psyche — a journal for the study of consciousness

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